These 5 features of Android 9.0 Pie makes it special

Google rolled out the latest version of its operating system Android in August. Since then, this operating system has been rolled out in Google’s device other than Nokia and OnePlus in addition to the smartphones launched under the Android One program. With the operating system, the recently launched OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel Devices support it out of the box. Right now, it has been rolled out for the latest premium smartphones of Nokia and Xiaomi. Let’s know what specific features are given in this operating system.

Special features of Android 9 Pie

Display (gesture and navigation): First of all we talk about this operating system’s look or performance. Speaking of its gesture, the Android device’s home button is replaced by a small handle. Also, its app switcher is horizontally scrolled just like the iPhone X. This means that this new feature of Android will definitely be attractive. Google’s main focus is to make smartphone management more convenient for users through new features.

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness

In this new operating system, Google has given adaptive batteries and adaptive brightness features. Emphasis has been made to improve battery life of smartphones through Adaptive Battery Features. The new operating system will also work to improve the CPU performance with the smartphone’s battery life. Adaptive Battery is an expansion of the feature introduced in Android 6 Marshmallow. It put apps that you weren’t using into a “deep sleep” to prevent them from wasting battery. Now, Adaptive Battery goes further by learning about the apps and services you use most often, then adjusting what you don’t use as much to use less battery.

Automatic brightness of Android also gets upgraded in Pie. Now, your phone will learn the brightness level you prefer in some apps and the environment, and adjust it automatically.

Equipped with new Google Assistant features

This new operating system will be equipped with Google Assistant. Through which you can communicate with your smartphone as human beings. Google has added 6 new voices for this.

Time limit will be set to the app

Through this new operating system of Google, you will be able to set the time limit for app usage. If you spend more time on an app, then the operating system will tell you that you have spent over time on this app that will give users the flexibility to make time management.

Do not disturb mode

In the meanwhile, Do Not Disturb mode is already present in previous android version but this new operating system has made it even better. Through this mode you can star your contact. None other than starred contacts will be able to call or message you. Apart from this, the app’s notifications will not be available in this mode. If you are on vacation or in a meeting, after having enabling this mode, only the calls needed will be available to you. Do Not Disturb feature turns off not just audio notifications, but visual ones too. This helps you block all distractions.

What do you think about Android 9.0 Pie?

There is a lot to love about Android 9 pie. More than the above, this release includes a more colorful settings menu, dark mode, easier text selection, easier screen rotation, new screenshot shortcut, refreshing fonts, rounded corners across the OS and improved security features. As you become acquainted, you are bound to find some additional improvements.


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