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News Reading Robot Anchor introduced in China

Artificial intelligence is spreading its legs in the world. In this order, China has prepared a robot equipped with an Artificial Intelligence. It is very difficult to identify if it is a human or robot anchor is on TV. A Chinese news agency Xinhua has started broadcasting news from Robot Anchors. An AI based two anchors have read news bulletins on China’s TV channels.

According to media reports, Xinhua has hired two robots. One of them reads the news in English and the other in Chinese language. Robot first read the news in English in a News Bulletin on the Xinhua. Xinhua has said that these robots have become part of their reporting team. These robots will work just like the rest of the anchors.

Xinhua also told that these robots have been developed by their agency and China’s Search Sogou. They have been taught the qualities of other anchors such as the sound of anchors, face expression and others. These robots talk exactly like anchors. According to the news agency, these robots have been specifically designed to give breaking news timely.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

AI is defined as Artificial Intelligence, we can say that it is transforming human intelligence into machine intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, human understanding is developed in machines. In the last few years, many companies, especially Google and Microsoft, have started a lot of work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Computing power is being increased from Artificial Intelligence.

Check out this video to know more:

AI Anchors on Chinese News Channel


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