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Is Samsung Galaxy M Series Threatening Xiaomi ?

Samsung for the past few years remained a silent observer in the budget segment as brands like Xiaomi, Vivo and others launched a virtual assault where they were releasing budget models with high specs for a very low price. Four years after Xiaomi entered the Indian market they did the unthinkable and dethroned Samsung as the number one smartphone brand in India. This made Samsung change their strategy and as a result they launched the Galaxy M series which offers great specs for a very low price to battle these low cost Chinese phones.

And now it does look like the strategy is indeed working the M10 and M20 phones were sold out just minutes after going on sale. I guess this is the first time ever that a Samsung device was sold out so quickly online. And I’ve been doing some research and got to know that people who bought these phones are actually liking it.

Xiaomi on the other hand is definitely feeling the heat. Ever since the Galaxy M10 and M20 were announced Xiaomi has gone on a mocking spree. They’ve been mocking the Galaxy M series quite a lot on Twitter.

Even the Vice president of Xiaomi bashed Indian YouTubers who were promoting the galaxy M devices. What exactly happened was, the biggest Indian tech YouTuber Technical Guruji was on stage with Samsung during the launch of the Galaxy M10 and M20. Which didn’t go well with the vice-president of Xiaomi.

He bashed Technical Guruji saying he shouldn’t be making appearances at product launches of specific companies. Which is true in a way because as a reviewer a YouTuber should be unbiased but I don’t think Technical Guruji is a reviewer he unboxes smartphones and talks about tech news.

So the VP of Xiaomi bashing him doesn’t make much sense and it just shows that the Galaxy M Series is making a huge dent in Xiaomi sales in India.And things are gonna get even worse for Xiaomi because Samsung is launching another device in the M series, the Galaxy M30 which represents the top of the Galaxy M food chain.

Today we have leaked specs of this phone and for a phone that’s gonna cost around $200 these specs sound amazing. As you can see it will have a 6.4inch full HD+ AMOLED display, a triple camera set up at the back which includes a wide-angle lens, depth sensor and a normal lens. 16 megapixel front camera USB-C, 5000 mAh battery, 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of native storage. Yes 128 GB of base storage on a budget device. How times are changing… And finally the Exynos 7904 chipset will be under the hood.

This phone is carrying specs that would have been considered high-end as recently as last year. Honestly this device is turning out to be a true value for money device and even though the M-series devices aren’t making much money for Samsung it is something that they had to do, otherwise they would be irrelevant in the budget or mid-range sector.

Anyway, right now it’s clear that the M-series is a success and it will be interesting to see how much more dent the Galaxy M30 will make on Xiaomi’s business. Xiaomi will surely try to come up with even more good devices but the brand power that Samsung has, it will be a matter of time till Samsung reclaims their number one spot in the Indian smartphone market.

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