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Increase Battery Life of Devices on Wifi Network

Now a days battery of devices is a major concern of people all around the world. For that exact reason you can see many battery saver/optimizer apps on App Stores. These apps changes the device settings to optimize the usage of device resources.  These apps can be quite helpful. However if you know which settings affect battery most then you can make changes manually.

We will tell you a tweak by which you can increase the battery life of devices on wifi network. In the process we will make changes in Wifi Router’s settings so make sure you have the access to router’s username and password. Usually username and password both are admin by default. If you did not changed you can try by using the default. Some router’s default username is admin and password is password all in small letters. You have to fill username and password on router’s login page. Login page can be accessed by entering router’s IP address in any browser.

How to find wifi router’s IP Address ?

In most cases Router’s IP address is or but it can be different on various routers. To get the correct ip address follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are connected to your wifi network
  • Press window and R keys together on keyboard or press click on start menu and type run .
  • A run prompt will open
Windows Run Prompt
  • Type cmd in the run prompt and press enter key.
  • A command prompt window will open on the screen.
  • Type the following into the command prompt: ipconfig | findstr /i "Gateway" and press enter.
CMD Command to Get Default Gateway IP Address

It will show you Default Gateway IP Address like in above screenshot. It is the Ip address of your wifi router. Enter this IP address in your browser screen and you will see a login page similar to this:

TP Link Router Login Page

Now fill your username and password for login. If you don’t know try to fill default values we discussed earlier.  We have a TP Link router so for next steps you have to follow your router’s options to find the settings.

In router page Goto Interface Setup >> Wireless.

After opening the page you will see following options on the screen:

TP Link Wireless Settings

You can see an option with name Beacon Interval(ms). The beacon interval is essentially how often your router sends out a signal to your devices. This signal, or beacon, contains data about the access point including configuration and security information. The basic function of a beacon is to let your devices know that there is an access point, such as a router, in the area that the device can connect to.

By simply saying it consumes device’s battery life by sending beacon (signal) to the device at regular interval to tell the device that it is in a connectable range.

By default beacon value is set 100ms for most of the routers. We can change the beacon value to the maximum allowed (given in the right side of the field). In our case it is 1000ms. By changing the value to maximum beacon interval will change and router will send beacon data after every 1000ms instead of 100ms (default). In result devices have to receive less beacon data signals from the router which will affect the battery life of the devices in positive manner.

By changing beacon interval to maximum, the devices far from router can face wifi network problem. If you face this problem then decrease the value of beacon interval.

If you face any problem in implementing these settings you can comment below, we are happy help you.


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