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How to reduce battery consumption in Laptop

Laptop batteries are designed to handle fixed charge cycles. As such, mostly there are 500 full charge cycles in laptops or more in some laptops. To be understood in easy language, a charging cycle means discharge of any battery to zero and be charged up to 100 percent. At the same time, every charge reduces the capability of the battery. In this case, there are possibilities of laptop battery getting worse quickly. This is why we are telling you some ways that your laptop’s battery can run long-lasting.

How to extend battery life

  • You can start this from Power Settings. From here you will be able to see how your laptop’s battery works and what battery settings you have to enable. Also, you have to keep in mind the hibernate modes. You need to put it on Hibernate mode before your laptop’s battery is completely drained. Not only in this situation, but when your laptop’s battery is low and you are not using it, it has to be put on hibernate mode.
  • To save the laptop’s battery power, you must close the running application in the background of your laptop. It consumes more battery life. Windows 10 users can enable battery savers. As soon as the laptop’s battery reaches 20 percent this mode will automatically turn on. This will close all running apps in the background.
  • In MacBooks, you can enable Power Nap. This allows you to keep your system in sleep mode. This will save your laptop’s battery and your important tasks will not be closed. Apart from this, you can enable automatic graphics switching. It will switch to low graphics to save the battery of the Mac.
  • You can also do some Manual Changes for this. Cloud storage services or video players should be shut down properly. Also, if you are not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turn it off to reduce battery consumption. Apart from this, the software also plays an important role in battery consumption. Keep in mind that you keep your laptop’s software always up-to-date.


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