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Access Blocked Websites Without Any Software (For All Operators)

Many telecom operators has started blocking porn websites in India by following the instructions of High Court.  According the the High Court Order if any operator will not follow the instruction then their license will be cancelled. Recently a major telecom operator Jio has blocked 827 websites mentioned in the instructions of High Court.

However it is the High Court’s order to block the websites. But there is no order for the users if they can access website by any other method or not. This type of ban has been implemented in many countries but users are still accessing websites by using any VPN or Proxy server.

In this article we are going to show you how to access, blocked websites without using any particular software. By following these steps you can access the blocked websites by just changing some settings in your device.

Unblock Websites in Android

  • First of all go to your phone’s Settings menu.
Settings Menu in Android
  • This menu can be different in different devices. You have to follow the steps according to your device from next step.
  • In the menu click on More under Data usage. This option can be different. Some devices show it as Mobile Networks. And some devices don’t have this option. If you are unable to find you can skip this step.
Screen Options under More in Android
  • Now click on VPN option from the listed options. If you are unable to find it or skipped previous step you can try searching it by the search option in the settings at the top right corner which shows on first step. It could be under Network Settings or  Advanced Settings .
  • After opening VPN Settings
VPN Settings in Android
  • In this screen you will see a plus icon on the top right corner. Click on it.
  • On next screen you will see some fields, just fill following details and click on Save.
VPN Profile in Android
  • Name: (small letters). Type: PPTP. Server Address: . Username: pptp . Password: cTFFvk7Eg1K9
  • After Saving the settings you will see an option like this.
VPN Settings Menu in Android
  • Click on the on the screen. You will see a popup. Click on the Connect.
Connect VPN in Android

After connecting you will see a key sign on the status bar. Now you can browse any website without any block. If you face any problem you can comment below we are always happy to help you.

Please Note: Password will change regularly to maintain speed. If your VPN is diconnected you can visit this page to update the password.

Password Updated : 19-Feb-2019


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